About Us

Gitora is built by Gerger.

We've delivered many projects such as industry specific web and mobile apps, business rules engines, data model designers, ETL tools, cloud migrations and meta-data management solutions for large private and government organizations as well as small and medium size businesses around the world.

To deliver these projects, we've used a variety of programming languages (Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL etc...), markup languages (HTML, CSS, XML, JSON etc...), libraries, tools and API's (Google Cloud API, Twilio, Stripe, Bootstrap, Jquery, countless Java libraries, JDeveloper, Apache Tomcat, ANTLR, Monaco Editor, Mustache, Handlebars etc...).

We've worked on-site or remotely with customers and clients in various countries such as the US, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and many more.

If you have a question about Gitora please send us an email. To stay up to date with Gitora news, follow Gitora on Twitter.