Write Better PL/SQL, Together.

Gitora is the easiest and quickest way to improve your productivity. It helps you to implement and enforce version control best practices without breaking your software development life cycle.

Take Control of Your Code in the Database

Put your source code in the database under version control and seamlessly enforce its use during development. Gitora ensures that every edit to your source code goes through the version control system by default.


Increase Your Productivity

Install Gitora to your Oracle Database and immediately enjoy the productivity benefits of Git. Create branches, switch between branches, revert back your changes, merge changes from one branch to the other using Gitora’s point and click user interface and see the source code in your database update automatically.

Pave the Way for Continuous Delivery

Create diff scripts between two versions of your source code, move your source code from development to test database with a single click of a button or use Gitora API’s in your continuous integration and automated build processes.

Continuous Delivery

Coordinate Access to Shared Development Schemas

Easily coordinate who works on which PL/SQL object by allowing developers to lock database objects to prevent unwanted edits by other developers. Gitora does not require client side installation and still enables developers to commit their changes to Git under their own user name even in a shared-schema environment.

Use Git like a Pro

Are you using one database per developer? Cool. Use PL/SQL with Git like in any file-based programming language such as Java and JavaScript. Gitora automatically creates and maintains a working directory for your source code in the database and lets you easily share code with your colleagues.

Git Flow

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